Stop Filtered Cigarette Holder

Stop Filtered Cigarette Holder filters the hazardous substances within the cigarette successfully, thus helps to protect your health. With its Ergonomic design, it provides a pleasant smoking. When the filter part of the cigarette holder is filled with tar and nicotine ( after 2-3 cigarettes) dispose of the old one and use a new filter.
2 different forms of model are produced, for Normal and Slim cigarettes.
The first and the only filter bearing the Beneficial Model Patent.
As the result of Research and Development studies with the support ofy İstanbul Technical University, 6 filters (holes) are produced instead of 4 for the first time all through the world. By this innovation, following are provided;
1. Cigarette smoke is easily inhaled,
2. Tar and nicotine are filtered at a higher rate

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